White Label

White Label

In the online gaming industry, having your own brand is the best way to make money.
However, it takes a huge amount of time and investment to acquire the rights to the system and games.

Our white label solution is the key to get your business up and running.
Our management software is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for newcomers to the industry.

By taking advantage of the customer support and technical aspects that we already have, you can easily acquire everything you need to manage a store-based casino.
Then you can just focus on your store policy, promotion and research for profit.

You can start your business with our white label solution within just 3 months.
Here is what we offer.

  • Reach out to vast number of customers. Anyone can access from their own computer or mobile phone via the Internet.
  • Full accessibility for players. Players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.
  • You can start your operation with low setup cost and low running cost.
  • Agent management platform, capable of managing franchise-ish business structure.
  • Comprehensive help by dedicated customer service on setting up your business.
  • Protection against hacking and DDOS attacks
  • 24-hour Multi-language customer support



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