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Ez-casino (easy casino) established as an online casino integrator.
Our services and products aim for improving marketing and business incomes of the operators, pertners, and customers.

We pay extreme effort on providing the best possible support and the best possible games for those who are to launch new online casinos.

EZ-CASINO offers a comprehensive range of services, including specialised management systems, a wide variety of solutions, seamless integration, providing games by world-famous game developers, and customer support in multiple languages.

Solution Plan

Our solutions provide all the support for setup and management of the land-based casino business.


White label

Customers who are interested in launching their own online casino

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Land-based online casino

Customers who are interested in operating a land-based online casino

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Seamless integration

Customers who are interested in integrating our services into existing business system

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Multilingual support

Customer support in multiple languages

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Game credit management

Fundamental tools for managing game credits, including cashier, reports, and account management.

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The casino business would not thrive without quality products. And customers are always looking for the highest quality.
EZ-CASINO are proud to offer unique products that differentiate your business to the others.
With a wide range of global expertise, we provide high quality, reliable and safe products.

Backoffice system

Essential features and functions in managing the casino business, including cashier, reports, account management, etc...

Agent Management Program

Customer management system, capable of managing large-scale franchise business.

Multilingual support

Customer support in multiple languages including Japanese.

World-famous slot games

Slot games from a world class famous developers in online casinos

Live Dealer Casino

Super popular real-time live dealer casino game

Multiple Devices

Compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets

Sports Betting

Bet sports and international events online with ease