Back Office System

Back Office System

The key to the success of the online casino business is management in real time.

Our back office system is divided into three levels of roles, and each level can be assigned as you wish.

Level 1: Head office (Top agency)
Level 2: Master office (Agency)
Level 3: Agent office (Store)

In the level 1, the head office (Top agency), you can create and manage a master office (Agency) under its jurisdiction.
In the level 2, the master office (Agency), you can create and manage agent offices (stores) under its jurisdiction.
Players' accounts can be created and managed under the umbrella of the agent office (Store) at Level 3.

In the case of multi-store management or agency management, we recommend selecting a head office or master office.
If you want to concentrate on store management, we recommend you to select the agent office.

The list of functions:

  • Real-time player management
  • Report system
  • Data analysis
  • Single interface logon function with each authority for each stakeholder (manager, agent, affiliate, etc.)
  • Dashboard overview
  • Play check of each account
  • Operator management system that can manage and modify transactions
  • Support and supervision aimed at protecting administrators
  • Good promotion
  • Automatic updates and alerts
  • Agent management system (credit mode) in which the agent takes charge of top-up on behalf of the customer

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